How to become an Offshore Medic – Part 2

In part 1 of this guide we covered the minimum qualifications you need to be accepted on a Medics course and also the minimum qualifications you would need to secure a job. Now we’ll take a closer look at what to expect when doing the courses.

Ok, I meet the requirements to be a medic – what next?

Firstly, make sure you really want to do it and are aware of how working offshore can affect your life. Obviously you will never really know until you start, but it will help if you have a rough idea of what to expect – especially in terms of how it will impact your family and social life. I’ve done an article that details this aspect – but it’s pretty subjective and others will have had vastly differing experiences. If you want to find out more check the forums and ask some of our members for their opinions.

Ok, the next step is to get yourself a Medical Certificate and the Survival training. You’ll need these anyway and you might find issues you weren’t prepared for whilst doing them – better to get them out the way first!

Once you get them done and dusted (and I’m sure you’ll be fine!) try and find a training establishment near you. If you head over to the links page and scroll down a bit, you will see there is a list of Training Establishments. As you will see, they are located all over the country, so you will hopefully be able to find one that isn’t too far away.

Get in touch with the various companies and see who is doing the best the rates, but always remember that you may need to factor in living and accommodation expenses for the duration of the courses. When you first call them they will usually ask a few questions about you (to make sure you are suitable) and they may ask to see your CV.

One thing to note is that you don’t have to do the course all in one go. You can do a week here and a week there as you are able. There is one provider who even offers a distance learning option. Personally, I would try and do it all at once. You get a better feel for the job and you will get to know the folk on the course a lot better. This can be very handy when it comes to hearing about available jobs.

I will cover the content of the course in another article. In the meantime, let’s assume you have done the course and are now the proud owner of a Medic Ticket. You’re ready to go offshore…almost.

You will also need to get yourself a ‘Basic Offshore Survival’ (or BOSIET) Certificate. Go back to the Links Page and scroll down to the Training Section. You’ll learn some bit’s and pieces about offshore life and get hit with a load of Health and Safety information. You will also get to play at being a fireman and escape from an upside-down helicopter in a swimming pool. People usually dread that bit, but I quite enjoy it (just bring noseplugs!)

Once you have the Medic and Survival Tickets, you are ready to go offshore. The trick now is convincing someone of your incredible ability and talents. And that’s what Part 3 is all about!